Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 26-26

Oral papers

Mental Health Care of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People in Croatian Health System

I. Zegura - Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce, Zagreb
G. Arbanas - Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce, Zagreb

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Objective: Health and legal care of transgender people in Croatia is still at its beginnings. Further effort from the professional side is being engaged in order to establish complete health care of transgender people in Croatia. Design and Method: The aim was to examine if there are any differences in the levels of transgender persons quality of life, experienced violence and their present stage of gender transition and perceived level of social support and perceived quality of health care. Transgender clients who are in the process of gender transition within Croatian mental health system were asked to fill in the online questionnaire. Results: 80% of our transgender participants consider psychologists as the most competent and affirmative professionals concerning transgender health care. 15.6% say the same for psychiatrists and 4.4% consider endocrinologists as the most competent professionals to deal with transgender health issues. 28.8% of our participants are mostly or completely satisfied with mental health care, in contrast to only 6.6 % of those who are satisfied with medical health care. Conclusions: According to the facts that we have presented above, the agenda of health, mental health and legal care of transgender people in Croatia must be to build on permanent education, scientific work, ethical principles, standards of care and accessible health care. Minding the human rights of each patient, high quality of practice must be governed by the principles of competence in the work with transgender clients through affirmation of gender as personal construct of each client.

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