Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 27-27

Oral papers

Working with Empowerment Groups and Transgender Youth

T. Lien - Sex Og Samfunn, Oslo, Norway
A. Royneberg - Sex Og Samfunn, Oslo, Norway

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Objective: Working at Sex og samfunn (Medical Center of Adolescent Sexuality), we often meet young people struggling with their gender identity. Most of them tell the same story; they have problems getting acceptance from society, family, friends and health professionals. Their stories made us wanting to learn more, and that was the beginning of our empowerment groups for transgender youth. Design and Method: The goal and purpose of the groups, is to bring transgendered youths together to share experience and to support each other. Our role as group-leaders is to make a safe place where the group-members freely can talk about their experiences on being transgender in the Norwegian society. Results: Unfortunately, many of the youths in our groups tell the same story. They have had bad experiences reaching out for help, especially with health professionals. Many felt rejected and mistrusted when they told their stories. They often got the same response; this phase will soon end and it is normal to be confused when you are a teenager. The knowledge was especially low amongst doctors, psychologists and public health nurses, groups expected to have knowledge about gender and gender issues. Conclusions: All these stories lead us to making a lecture with the heading: “How to meet transgender youths?” The participants of the groups gave us suggestions and valuable insight on how to understand them and how to provide good health services.

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