Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 30-30

Oral papers

Marital Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community

D. Ribner - Bar-Ilan University, School of Social Work, Ramat Gan, Israel
L. Rubin - Bar-Ilan University, School of Social Work, Ramat Gan, Israel

Fulltext (english, pages 30-30).pdf

Objective: The recent past has seen a sharp increase in our awareness of the pervasiveness and devastating impact of child sexual abuse. In contrast, the topic of sexual abuse within marriage continues to receive relatively little notice, clinically, legislatively or academically. Aim – The aim of this presentation is to review current legal and clinical perceptions of marital sex abuse and to examine this phenomenon and its manifestations in the Orthodox Jewish community, as an example of the impact of social norms and values on this critical area. Design and Method: Method – We will initially summarize and present the current literature on this topic with an emphasis on the role of cultural norms and values in defining marital sex abuse across a tolerable/illegal spectrum. We will then examine 1) one ethnic group, Orthodox Jews, to locate potential points of this abuse and 2) that communities understanding and coping with this phenomenon. Illustrative case material will be presented. Results: Results/Conclusions – This traditional community may be representative of other similar ethnic groups and the challenges presented in dealing with marital sexual abuse where norms and values may not always reflect contemporary standards. We expect this presentation to shed light on this phenomenon, expanding our knowledge and sensitivity to the victims and their social contexts. Conclusions: We will conclude with suggested points and techniques of intervention, which take into consideration the needs of the victims and community acknowledgement of a problem.

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