Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 31-31

Oral papers

Sexual Imagery and Sexual Fantasies of Sex Offenders

D. Pappalardo - Instituteo of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
F. Assumma - Instituteo of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
R. Rossi - Instituteo of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy

Fulltext (english, pages 31-31).pdf

Objective: Sexual fantasy is considered an important factor in sexual offending behavior, therefore the purpose of this review consists of analyzing the main literature findings regarding these topics, focusing on the contents, themes, dynamics, etiopathogenesis and potential functions of fantasy in sexual offenders. Design and Method: A systematic search of scientific articles published in the lasts 10 years was performed using PsychInfo and Pubmed, supplemented with hand search of reference lists from retrieved papers. Results: According to the existing researches the role of sexual fantasies as well as the erotic imagery is multifaceted and interrelated with several factors associated with the sex offence. Conclusions: A deeper understanding of the influence of the erotic imagery to the sexual offences is important for practitioners who work in the psychological, forensic and sexological fields. Therefore, further accurate studies are necessary to help advanced clinical diagnosis and treatments.

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