Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 35-35

Oral papers

A Social Experiment: The Notion of ‘Gender’ in Italy

M. Grimoldi - Casa dei Diritti - Comune di Milano, Milano, Italy
R. Cacioppo - Associazione Rainbow - Psicologi per i Diritti, Milano, Italy

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Objective: This paper aims to highlight the danger posed by the “autotropic” thinking (ed Luigi Zoja), always present in the totalitarian ideologies, in hindering, by ideological dissemination, the circulation of prevention of discrimination and gender-based violence, and rights culture. Design and Method: Real social experiment in vivo. Results: News of the spread of the so-called ‘gender ideology’, which is designed to transform sex education in schools through a practice in which children are ‘instigated to homosexuality, invited to masturbation since early infancy, forced to attend pornographic films screenings and to have carnal relations with children of the same sex.’, circulated in Italy since summer 2015. Despite being unfounded and far-fetched, these news have spread against all expectations, generating a social resistance against programs of prevention, diversity education, and gender or sex education. Conclusions: Following the idea formulated by Luigi Zoja in ‘Paranoia’, the epidemic dissemination of a non-existent ‘gender ideology’ is linked to a fourfold characteristic system of the information itself, which will be analyzed in this work. In this light, ‘autotropia’ is the last and final step of paranoid thinking: a mechanism that, once set in motion, contributes to paranoia being able to feed itself.

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