Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 49-49

Oral papers

Discovery of Orgasmic Pleasure Sensing Taste Roseas of Repruductive Organs: Experimental Study

M. Aydin - Medical Faculty of Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey
N. Aydin - Bakirkoy Mental Disease Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
C. Gundogdu - Medical Faculty of Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey

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Objective: Basic mechanism of orgasmic pleasure hasn’t yet been elucidated, although there is broad similarity between taste and orgasmic sensation. Taste buds of tongue information has been established as important regulator of nutrition; however, very little is known regarding how orgasmic pleasure sensation is created and perceived in orgasm. Design and Method: Thus, we investigated whether there were taste bud-like structures stimulated by seminal fructose in the male urethra and glans penis. To confirm this hypothesis, we examined the urethral tissues of 22 male rabbits using the last modern histological stereological and histochemical techniques. Results: We discovered that the male urethra and glans penis contained many taste bud-like structures similar to the morphological features of the taste buds of the tongue. Interestingly, these taste bud-like structures resembling those of the tongue were detected in the intramural openings of the urethral lacunae and glandular surfaces. These structures have neuron-like appendages at the apical ends of rose buds in the wall of the urethra and glans. Moreover, each urethral plica contained some taste buds that were particularly more dense in the distal urethra, glans penis and vaginal surfaces. Conclusions: We discovered that pudendal nerves convey orgasmic sensation from the urethral taste buds to the taste information-computing centers in the brain. We postulated that urethral taste buds are stimulated by seminal fructose, and taste buds innervating nerves may play a predominant role in the creation of orgasmic sensation, which has not yet been studied so far.

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