Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 64-64

Oral papers

Is “Unconsummated Marriage” Still an Appropriate Term? A Snapshot of Reality

M. Silvaggi - Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
P. M. Michetti - Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
A. Fabrizi - Torvergata University of Rome, Rome, Italy
R. Rossi - Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
F. M. Tripodi - Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
C. Simonelli - Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

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Objective: In the middle eastern (MES) and western (WS) societies, sexuality follows different patterns in terms of meaning and rules. Moreover the evolution of societies all around the world created new contexts and kinds of relationship. This could hamper a correct taxonomy of such sexual dysfunctions where social variables are crucial. The aim of the present work is to collect and review data on Unconsummated Marriage (UCM) all around the world, to understand if in different societies it refers to the same situation. Design and Method: A review of published literature on UCM from different areas of the world was conducted. Results: Substantial difference emerged from MES to WS. In MES, sexuality is allowed only in marriage, while in WS sexuality and relationship are not strongly linked. This could suggest that the term “marriage” is unable to cover the phenomenon in such different countries. Moreover, the mean time before the consultation, causal attribution and prevalence are very different in such societies. Conclusions: We found that the term “Honeymoon impotence” could better describe male, female or both difficulties related to ignorance about sexuality or state/performance anxiety, typical in MES. On the other hand in WS over the individual category of sexual dysfunctions, we suggest a new term as “Unconsummated relationship”, where individual difficulties are involved creating a couple’s dysfunction.

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