Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 79-79

Oral papers

New Drug for Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Entering Phase 2 Studies. Review Of Preclinical And Phase 1 Studies

M. Lomonosov - Ivix Ltd, Moscow, Russia
D. Golikov - Ivix Ltd, Moscow, Russia
D. Nemenov - Ivix Ltd, Moscow, Russia
A. Andreev-Andrievsky - Mitoengineering Centre of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
N. Fedorovoch Myasoedov - Institute of Molecular Genetics, Moscow, Russia

Fulltext (english, pages 79-79).pdf

IVIX Ltd is developing a new proprietary non-hormonal drug BP101, aiming to restore sexual arousal and desire in women suffering from its loss. This Drug is based on a small peptide. In preclinical studies it showed capability to enhance proceptive behaviour in female rodents. BP101 seems to act on brain as it shows its effect on rodents during micro-deliveries to certain areas of brain. At preclinical as well as at Phase 1 clinical studies BP101 demonstrated excellent safety profile. Only few mild adverse effects were observed during the Phase 1clinical study. These adverse effects showed no correlation with BP101 dose. No special safety concern was identified. We have evaluated effect of BP101 on female sexual function during Phase 1 study using questionnaires FSFI, ASEX and FSF (Russian). We have observed up to 40% increase in total FSFI Score comparing to baseline in the cohort receiving the highest dose. There was 52% increase in Desire FSFI Domain Score compared to baseline in that cohort. Therefore BP101 shows to be a potential treatment of HSDD and in a few years may be available to sexologists and patients.

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