Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 85-85

Oral papers

How Communication Could Improve Sexual Satisfaction: The Komaja’s Theater of Truth

B. Sazdanovska - Komaja Society for the development of the Art of Living, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
F. Milicevic Makaja - Komaja Foundation for the Promotion of Physical and Psychic Health, Gersau, Switzerland

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Objective: The main objective of this research is to explore how verbal and nonverbal communication during sex influences the sexual satisfaction. Particularly, the study examines how much and how the original Komaja’s technique The Theater of Truth contributes to improvement of sexual communication and satisfaction. Design and Method: Different theoretical approaches and perspectives were applied to research the mutual confession of love partners which takes place during sexual act, where all ones essential needs, wishes, fears and alike are expressed spontaneously as they enter the consciousness. Therefore, 55 people who are practicing Komaja’s tantra, were surveyed about their perceptions for communication during sex. A validated Sexual Communication Satisfaction Scale and Sexual Communication Style Scale were used to measure the communication that occurs during sexual interactions. Additionally, the general questionnaire with partially openended questions was applied. Descriptive analyze and qualitative content analysis was used for the collected data. Results: The research demonstrates that the participants communicate with their partners during sex, in both manners, verbally and non-verbally. Overall, the majority of the participants reported that the Theater of Truth helps them to experience more sexual satisfaction and to improve their sexual self-confidence. Additionally, this technique contributes them to achieve spiritual experience through sexual encounters. Conclusions: The results of this pilot study confirm the subjective impression of the participants that this technique is very promising and effective. The research stresses the need of effective communication skills to be used during sexual encounters, through partners’ verbal and nonverbal interactions.

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