Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 84-84

Oral papers

Novel Non-Invasive Laser and Radio-Frequency (RF) Procedures for Vaginal Dystension and Vulvar Laxity Syndroma to Enhance Sexual Gratificaton

Ivan Fistonic - Department of Health Studies, University of Split, Split

Fulltext (english, pages 84-84).pdf

Childbirth vaginal trauma and process of ageing are fundamental in developing stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and sexual dysfunction related to vaginal and vulvar relaxation. Unpleasant aesthetic appearance of vulva is additional factor that deepens negative psychological response, embarrassment, anxiety and lack of confidence while postmenopausal vaginal dryness additionally deteriorates sexual gratification when estrogen is avoided. Thus far, experimental and clinical studies have reported significant success in the treatment of various disorders and conditions based on collagen damage. Most references arise from the fields of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Facial ptosis, uvular and soft-palate relaxation in snoring disorders, and ligament trauma in orthopedics may be successfully treated with laser-generated thermal energy. The precise mechanisms underlining the normalization of some vaginal properties is not yet completely clear but collagen remodeling and increased vascularization have been documented by histology following laser application. The onset and mild disorder in SUI and vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) still remain underreported and problem remains hidden until severe symptomatology often results in surgery treatment. However, there is a risk of serious adverse effects resulting from surgery procedures. Complications such as bleeding, infection, poor wound healing and overcorrection may require de novo medical intervention, resulting in global rising trend of non-invasive procedures. There is a rising evidence for the effectiveness of non-invasive laser procedures in the treatment of SUI, VRS and vaginal atrophy, while novel RF procedure might play a significant role in vulvar laxity treatment.

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