Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 113-113

Oral papers

Porn Addiction

A. Attaky - Fecsm, Msc Neuropsychiatry (department Of Neuropsychiatry Al-mattray -teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
B. Falone Percival - Psychologist, Efs, President of an Italian Society for Psychologist, Psychothera, Torino, Italy

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Pornography can affect the patterns of life of adults, especially those in terms of sexual behavior and porn consumption, and can have a significant impact on the sexual attitudes and behaviors. Thus; A) The authors will present a (pre) historic review of the relationship between the Humanity and Sexuality since the last 30.000 years (since the Venus of Willendorf) as prelude to the analysis of the Pornographic worldwide phenomenon. B) The Authors in this way will show the Structural differences between Erotism and Pornography focusing later on the character of the Porn Addiction. C) In effect although the DSM 5 still doesn’t include the Porn Addiction, in the USA the phenomenon is largely spread. Studies suggest that 70% of men ages 18 to 34 visit pornography websites and 47% of families say pornography is a problem in their home. A survey conducted in 2008 found that nearly 9 out of 10 (87%) young men and nearly 31% of young women reported using pornography. The Authors will analyze the process of Etiopathogenesis of the mechanisms inducing the Porn Addiction, the Symptoms and the Treatment Options for who depends on it and for the possible partner involved on it. These cases are relatively frequent in our professional work as Psycho-Sexologist.

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