Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 153-153

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A Mind-Body Model for Educating Men with Sexual Dysfunction Post Prostate Cancer

A. Elias - Monash Health, Sexual Medicine and Therapy Clinic, Melbourne, Australia

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Objective: An educational and clinical tool used to assist patients, and their partners, in understanding the importance of the Mind-Body connection in relation to sexual difficulties following Prostate cancer. Design and Method: This Mind/Body model was developed over 20 years working in Psychosexual Medicine and Therapy. It has been used in helping men with desire and arousal problems, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory concerns. It helps couples think about contributing factors and barriers to a satisfying sexual relationship, and helps them identify factors, which are getting in the way or missing, in order to maintain intimacy. It has been applied in outpatient hospital clinics, private practice settings, and in education of health professionals. Clinically, it is adapted to each individual or couple with regards to their presenting complaint, past history, current circumstances, and the dynamics operating in their relationship. Results: Patients have reported that the use of this model: 1) Demonstrates that the clinician understands their experience. 2) Provides a framework for understanding their specific biopsychosociocultural factors, which need to be addressed in order to treat the sexual difficulties. 3) Helps them recognize repetitive vicious cycles contributing to the exacerbation and maintenance of their difficulties. 4) Provides practical stepping stones to creating the kind of intimate / sexual connection they would like. Conclusions: This Mind/Body Model provides a clear educational tool for developing practical therapeutic interventions for men with Prostate cancer and their partners. It is used in conjunction with medical penile rehabilitation.

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