Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 160-160

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The Prevalence of Male Sexual Dysfunction in Kosovo

H. Fejza - Libido - Center For Sexual Health, Prishtina, Kosovo
I. Tolaj - University Clinical Center of Kosova, Prishtina, Kosovo
D. Tahirsylaj - University Clinical Center of Kosova, Prishtina, Kosovo
A. Idrizi - Galaxy, Diagnostics & Therapeutically Center, Prishtina, Kosovo
L. Jemini - University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philosophy, Prishtina, Kosovo

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Objective: To research the prevalence of male sexual dysfunction among men population in Kosovo. Design and Method: The cross-sectional study was done during the year 2015, including 530 male respondents of all ages living in Kosovo. The respondents completed the Brief Sexual Symptom Checklist for Men to assess sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunctions, penile curvature and pain during sex. The data were collected using Survey Monkey while statistical analyses were performed using SPSS software package (Version 20.0, Chicago, IL, USA). Results: The prevalence of man not satisfied with their sexual function was 32.2%. The problem was present for more than a year in 54% of respondents. Premature ejaculation was the leading problem (34%) followed by erectile dysfunction (24.4%) and problems with little or no interest in sex (17.9%). The problem was age related: the respondents younger than 25 years reported as a main problem premature ejaculation (31%) while respondents with age above 50 reported the erection as a main problem (60.5%). The 76.4% of men are ready to talk about those problems with their doctor. Conclusions: The prevalence of male sexual dysfunction in Kosovo is similar to other studies and is age related. Younger population reported premature ejaculation while the oldest population recognized erectile dysfunction as a main problem.

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