Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 179-179

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Sex Education in Brazil: A Proposal for Education and Research - Body, Gender and Sexuality in the Process of Self-Knowledge and the Construction of an Active Citizenship

B. Ribeiro - Nusex - Unesp - São Paulo State University, Araraquara SP, Brazil
P. Ribeiro - Nusex - Unesp - São Paulo State University, Araraquara SP, Brazil
R. Bedin - Nusex - Unesp - São Paulo State University, Araraquara SP, Brazil

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Objective: Developing proposals of sex education in school. Brazil has vast and qualified bibliography resulting from research carried out by diligent researchers, mostly from research groups from universities in the country. Sex education is an important space for the realization of concrete proposals for actions that combats discrimination, prejudice and sexual violence, both symbolic as real, and that the insertion of issues of diversity and gender in teacher education in sex education will enable its success and its wide reach. Design and Method: The proposal that guides the development of this work turns to the continuing education of teachers and health professionals in sexuality education, with an emphasis on promoting a culture of recognition of sexual diversity, gender equality and adolescent sexuality as an integral part of the process of construction of an active citizenship, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Results: The project inserted the issue of citizenship and human rights as one of the pillars of gender equality and of a full sex life with the least of possible distress, anxiety, guilt and misinformation. And we verified the efficiency of the use of the Information and Communication Technologies in teacher training. Conclusions: The use of Information and Communication Technologies in sex education can stimulate the development of technological thinking and the increasing of a new mentality of continuing education for teachers, not common in Brazil.

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