Clinical Psychology 11 (2018), 1-2, 87-102

Professional Paper

Presence of Difficulties and Satisfaction with Different Aspects of Life in Health Studies Students

Olivera Petrak - University of Applied Health Studies, Zagreb
Melita Rukavina - University of Applied Health Studies, Zagreb
Iva Takšić - University of Applied Health Studies, Zagreb

Fulltext (croatian, pages 87-102).pdf

Previous studies of psychological adjustment of the student population show that it’s a population in which emotional, motivational and social problems are often connected with study problems, study choice and academic failure. We were interested to know which problems health sciences’ students usually meet in one of the largest studies in Croatia. We conducted a survey on 423 students, using questionnaire given to us by the Student counseling service from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Beside examining their difficulties, we examined students’ different aspects of life satisfaction, and their attitude for seeking assistance. The average age of participants was 20.9, with predominately female students (79%). In case of difficulties, 51.5% of students would seek free psychological counseling, and those would predominately be third year students. Students usually indicate, on average 14 difficulties, most of which are nervousness or anxiety, uncertainty about their future career, irrational time usage, financial problems and changes in eating habits. Second year students indicate significantly more difficulties than others. Also, female students indicate a significantly higher number of difficulties, most of which are concerns about their appearance and problem solving skills.

students, psychological difficulties, psychological help, life satisfaction

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