Clinical Psychology 8 (2015), 1, 81-92

Preliminary Communication

Perception of Parental Rearing Styles and Depression in Adolescents with Regard to Gender and Age

Dario Vučenović - Family Center of Zadar County, Zadar
Ljerka Hajncl - District Service Osijek, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, Osijek
Mladen Mavar - Psychiatric Hospital Ugljan, Ugljan

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Given the existing knowledge about age and gender differences in depression and the correlation between certain psychopathological phenomena and parental style, the aim of this study was to investigate whether there are differences in the results achieved on scales of depression in adolescents and scales of perception of family relationships in terms of age and female participants and to determine the association between these variables. Research was conducted on a sample of 502 subjects, students in the seventh and eighth grades of primary school, and first, second, third and fourth grades of high school, aged 12-18 years. Children and Adolescents Depression Scale – SDD (Vulić-Prtorić, 2003) and Perception of Parental Behavior Scale – SPRP (Macuka, 2004) were used in this study. Results indicate the existence of sex differences in expressed symptoms of depression. Girls had significantly higher values than boys which indicates a higher level of depression. On the Perception of Parental Behavior Scale, significant differences between boys and girls were obtained, particularly on the dimension of control in situations when the relationship with the father was assessed. Higher results were obtained for boys, so it can be concluded that the father’s control reflects more on parental childrearing practice towards boys. Review of the connection between the examined variables indicates a significant correlation between depression and perception of family relations – for both dimensions (emotionality and control) whilst assessing parental practice of both mother and father. Correlations between depression and dimension of control are positive, and correlations between depression and dimension of emotionality have a negative sign.

parental rearing style, depression

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