Clinical Psychology 10 (2017), 1-2, 23-34

Original scientific paper

Authenticity as a Predictor of Mental Health

Djurdja Grijak - Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", University of Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Fulltext (english, pages 23-34).pdf

The aim of this research was to evaluate the relationship between authenticity and mental health on a sample of 706 students. Results showed that all subscales of the Authenticity scale (authentic living, accepting external influence and self-alienation) were correlated with all general scales and subscales of the MHI-38 (psychological distress – anxiety, depression, loss of behavioural/emotional control; psychological well-being – overall positive affect, emotional ties and satisfaction with life and overall mental health index). Hierarchical regression showed that authenticity composed of all three dimensions together is a statistically significant predictor of psychological distress, psychological well-being and overall mental health index. The confirmation that authenticity is closely connected to mental health and significantly contributes to it is a good example of how classic perspectives in psychological counselling can set further directions of research within personality psychology.

authenticity, mental health, students

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