Clinical Psychology 12 (2019), 1-2, 83-95

Original scientific paper

Jelena Šimunec-Muhek Turdiu – the first croatian clinical psychologist

Dalibor Karlović - University Hospital Centre Sisters of Mercy, Zagreb
Krunoslav Matešić - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb

Fulltext (croatian, pages 83-95).pdf

Prof. dr. Josip Glaser, who specialised psychiatry with Eugen Bleuler and neurology with Constantin von Monakow while he headed the Neuropsychiatry Clinic at the Sisters of Mercy hospital in Zagreb, apart from doctors and other medical staff, also employed Jela Muhek Šimunec (Jelena Šimunec-Turdiu), the first clinical psychologist in health care in the Republic of Croatia and wider, among the first in Europe. Jelena Šimunec-Muhek Turdiu was employed in the Clinical psychology service of today’s Sisters of Mercy clinical hospital since 1949, where she worked until 1963, after which she worked as a clinical neuropsychologist at the Clinic for neurology and psychiatry at the Clinical hospital Rebro until her retirement in 1981. Archives of the Department of Psychiatry at the Sisters of Mercy clinical hospital still contain some tests and lists of psychodiagnostic instruments which she used in her work. The article lists lexical data on these tests. The first Chair of social and clinical psychology was established within the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1956. Lectures were held by prof. dr. Rudi Supek, transforming into the Chair of social psychology in 1960. Practice was obviously ahead of tertiary education as the independent Chair of clinical psychology was established within the same department in 1972.

history of clinical psychology in the Republic of Croatia, Jelena Šimunec-Muhek Turdiu, Josip Glaser, history of neuropsychology in the Republic of Croatia

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