Clinical Psychology 14 (2021), 1-2, 41-52

Original scientific paper

Frequency of psychodiagnostic test use by clinical psychologists in the Republic of Croatia in 2020

Krunoslav Matešić - Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Ivana Lučića 3, 10 000 Zagreb
Andreja Bogdan - Hrvatska psihološka komora, Selska cesta 90A, 10 000 Zagreb

Fulltext (croatian, pages 41-52).pdf

The article presents data on the use of psychodiagnostic instruments by clinical psychologists in the Republic of Croatia, collected as part of an international survey organized by the EFPA Board of Assessment in 2020. The survey was sent electronically fo 3669 members of the Croatian Psychological Chamber. Replies were received from 9 male and 118 female clinical psychologists. The final analysis was conducted on 118 completed surveys, as 9 cases did not list any tests. This is the third survey conducted on the same theme with participation by Croatian psychologists, so a partial comparison was conducted with results from the two previous surveys. The article also includes some questions regarding the use of psychodiagnostic instruments in the Republic of Croatia.

psychodiagnostic instruments, clinical psychologists, psychological test use, EFPA Board of Assessment

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