Clinical Psychology 15 (2022), 1-2, 7-14

Preliminary Communication

Application of the Croatian version of the Wechsler intelligence test for adults - WAIS-IV in rehabilitation patients after severe traumatic brain injury

Dubravko Tršinski - Specijalna bolnica za medicinsku rehabilitaciju Krapinske Toplice
Žarko Bakran - Specijalna bolnica za medicinsku rehabilitaciju Krapinske Toplice
Ivan Dubroja - Specijalna bolnica za medicinsku rehabilitaciju Krapinske Toplice

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The main goal of this paper is to apply the WAIS-IV-HR to a group of persons with a traumatic brain injury and compare the four index scores with each other. The second goal is to examine the association of the WAIS-IV-HR with a measure of functional outcomes, a measure of injury severity, and demographic indi- cators. We administered the WAIS-IV-HR to 22 participants at the end of hospital rehabilitation after a severe traumatic brain injury, 20 of whom werea men, an average of 6 months after the injury. We also applied the FIM® measure of functional independence, a Croatian modification of Rey ́s Auditory verbal learning test (AVLT) and Trail making test (TMT-B). The participants had an average of 12.2 years of education, and the average age was 34.1 years. By comparing the average results on the four composites indices, we see that the lowest results are on the Processing Speed Index (M=78.4; SD=10.54), then on the Verbal Comprehen- sion Index (M=83.4; SD=13.57), and then on the Working Memory Index (M=92.2; SD=13.95), and the highest were the average scores on the Perceptual Reasoning Index (M=93.6; SD=14.69). The highest correlations with the severity of the injury, measured by the length of PTA, were with the Perceptual Reasoning Index (r=-0.57; p=0.006) and the Processing Speed Index (r=-0.55; p=0.009). Results on the WAIS-IV-HR were also related to functional recovery at the end of rehabilitation. Scores on the WAIS-IV-HR also showed a moder- ately high correlation with educational level. The association of WAIS-IV-HR with education, especially the Verbal Comprehension Index, indicates the need for further research with a control group without traumatic brain injury and imposes caution in the clinical interpretation of the results.

traumatic brain injury, WAIS-IV-HR, neuropsychological assessment, FIM

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