Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 32-32

Oral papers

Chronic Abuse and Acute Abuse: The Differences and Similarities Among Women Treated in a Public Hospital

S. Cr. Poerner Scalco - Public Hospital Presidente Vargas, Porto Alegre, Brazil
D. Riva Knauth - Ufrgs - University of Rio Grande Do Sul., Porto Alegre, Brazil
P. Pertile

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Objective: The goal of the present study was to access the biological and social profile of victims of sexual violence, assisted by a multidisciplinary health team in a public hospital and to analyze the type of violence: chronic and acute abuse. Design and Method: This was a cross-sectional retrospective study. Data were collected using a specially designed questionnaire, based on an instrument used in the Hospital. All women admitted between 02/28/2013 and 02/27/14, were eligible. Children below 12 years of age were excluded. T-student, Pearson’s chi-squared and Fischer’s exact were used in statistical analyses. Results: During the period 154 women were treated, 62,9% of which for acute abuse and 37,1% for chronic abuse. Acute and chronic abuse was more prevalent in women with aged 15 years or less, (61,4% and 56.9%) but acute abuse is distributed among different age group. Younger aggressors, unknown and interestingly, known to the victim, are associated to acute violence. The women that had suffered chronic abuse had older men and family-acquaintance individuals as aggressors. The mother is the main person, for who the victim tells about abuse, in both groups. Conclusions: The present study found significant differences between the characteristics of victims of chronic and acute abuse. The knowledge related to sexual violence identified situations to develop prevention strategies. The danger in this case is not always distant or in the person of a stranger, but many times in the home or in victim’s close acquaintances. Orientation and reports are the tools for confronting sexual violence.

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