Clinical Psychology, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2016

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(page 8- 8)
Crossing the Boundaries? Implementing Relationships and Sexuality Education in Irish Schools (page 8- 8) englishpdf
C. Murphy, S.  Nic Gabhainn
Oral papers
(page 9- 9)
Communicating on Sexual Health: Are Medical Students Comfortable to Address the Topic? (page 9- 9) englishpdf
L. Lopes, B. Andrade, D. Costa, G. Castro, R. Dias, M. I. Matos, T. Valido, M. Couto, M. Esteves
Oral papers
(page 10- 10)
Is Medical Education Inclusive? Exploring LGBT Health Topics in Portuguese Medical Courses (page 10- 10) englishpdf
L. Lopes, B. Andrade, D. Costa, G. Castro, R. Dias, M. I. Matos, T. Valido, M. Couto, M. Esteves
Oral papers
(page 11- 11)
A Survey on Experience Of Singaporean Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Family Medicine in Managing Sexual Problems and Training in Sexual Medicine (page 11- 11) englishpdf
Z. Huang, S. Logan, P. G. Adaikan
Oral papers
(page 12- 12)
Pornography as a Source of Sex Education and Genital-Related Satisfaction (page 12- 12) englishpdf
K. Dawson, S.  Nic Gabhainn
Oral papers
(page 13- 13)
Autism, Sexuality & Anxiety – Multi Directional Connections (page 13- 13) englishpdf
R. Argaman
Oral papers
(page 16- 17)
Personality Organization and Paraphilic Interests in Women (page 16- 17) englishpdf
A. Prunas, R. Di Pierro, R. Bernorio
Oral papers
(page 18- 19)
Cognitive Distortions and Moral Disengagement in Sex Offenders: A Study in Order to Develop a Possible Treatment (page 18- 19) englishpdf
I. Petruccelli, G. D’ Urso, A. Gherardini, S. Grilli, F. Nimbi, V. Verrastro
Oral papers
(page 20- 21)
Stadistic Study of Accidents and Non-Intentioned Injuries Associated with Kinky-BDSM Practices in The Spanish Comunnity (page 20- 21) englishpdf
I. Puig Rodas
Oral papers
(page 22- 22)
Alexithymia, Depressive Traits, Patients Suffering from Bladder Exstrophy Complex - Epispadias Sex-Life Versus Individuals not Suffering from Uro-Genital Malformations (page 22- 22) englishpdf
M. Di Grazia, W. Rigamonti
Oral papers
(page 23- 23)
Restoring Women’s Vaginal Health with Simple Use of Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils (page 23- 23) englishpdf
M. Doljak, J. Papic, M. Bura
Oral papers
(page 26- 26)
Mental Health Care of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People in Croatian Health System (page 26- 26) englishpdf
I. Zegura, G. Arbanas
Oral papers
(page 27- 27)
Working with Empowerment Groups and Transgender Youth (page 27- 27) englishpdf
T. Lien, A. Royneberg
Oral papers
(page 30- 30)
Marital Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community (page 30- 30) englishpdf
D. Ribner, L. Rubin
Oral papers
(page 31- 31)
Sexual Imagery and Sexual Fantasies of Sex Offenders (page 31- 31) englishpdf
D. Pappalardo, F. Assumma, R. Rossi
Oral papers
(page 32- 32)
Chronic Abuse and Acute Abuse: The Differences and Similarities Among Women Treated in a Public Hospital (page 32- 32) englishpdf
S. Cr. Poerner Scalco, D. Riva Knauth, P. Pertile
Oral papers
(page 34- 34)
Genital Autonomy as a Sexual Right (page 34- 34) englishpdf
T. Vilponen
Oral papers
(page 35- 35)
A Social Experiment: The Notion of ‘Gender’ in Italy (page 35- 35) englishpdf
M. Grimoldi, R. Cacioppo
Oral papers
(page 36- 36)
Sex Education in Italy between Science and Ideology (page 36- 36) englishpdf
R. Cacioppo, E. Ragaglia, E. Senna
Oral papers
(page 37- 37)
Lesbians Have More Fun: Phallocentrism and Its Effects on Desire And Satisfaction in Women (page 37- 37) englishpdf
T.  Peleg-Sagy, A. Gelbard, M. Weber, E.  Stoler, D. Joel, D. Joel
Oral papers
(page 40- 40)
Sexual Health Counselling and Sexual Therapy via Video Link or Internet for University Students in Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS) (page 40- 40) englishpdf
M. Tossavainen
Oral papers
(page 41- 41)
Physiological Sexual Body, Emotional Body and Sexuality (page 41- 41) englishpdf
T. Strepetova, D. Trotta, L.  Otranto, F. Gorga, G. De Maio, U. Palazzo, D. Palazzo, E. Arduino, A. Verde
Oral papers
(page 42- 42)
Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Patients (page 42- 42) englishpdf
B. Ruesink
Oral papers
(page 43- 43)
Transference – Countertransference in (Evidence-Based) Sex Therapy (page 43- 43) englishpdf
T. Peleg-Sagy
Oral papers
(page 44- 44)
Diagnosis and Non-Pharmacological Treatment for Female Orgasmic Disorder (page 44- 44) englishpdf
M. Bartolo
Oral papers
(page 46- 46)
Threesomes: An Exploratory Survey (page 46- 46) englishpdf
F. Zsok, R. Scoats, E. Anderson
Oral papers
(page 47- 47)
Adult Attachment and Extradyadic Involvement in Dating Relationships: The Mediating Role of Commitment (page 47- 47) englishpdf
A. Martins, I. Narciso, M. C. Canavarro, M. Pereira
Oral papers
(page 48- 48)
The Male Sexual Pain: Issues and Treatments (page 48- 48) englishpdf
G. Del Noce, W. Duretto, R. Bochicchio, F. Ragni
Oral papers
(page 49- 49)
Discovery of Orgasmic Pleasure Sensing Taste Roseas of Repruductive Organs: Experimental Study (page 49- 49) englishpdf
M. Aydin, N. Aydin, C. Gundogdu
Oral papers
(page 52- 52)
Sexologist Training Could Have an Influence on Attitudes Toward LG Marriage And Parenting? (page 52- 52) englishpdf
E. Viozzi, F. Tripodi, F. M. Nimbi, R. Baiocco, C. Simonelli
Oral papers
(page 53- 53)
Mental & Sexual Health Issues in Psychotherapy with Gay Men (page 53- 53) englishpdf
B. Ruesink
Oral papers
(page 54- 54)
“What Women Want” Sexual Imagination and Sexual Satisfaction in a Lesbian Women Sample (page 54- 54) englishpdf
D. Milloni, S. Morandi, R. Giommi
Oral papers
(page 55- 55)
Adolescence Sexual Orientation: Comparison between Two Case Reports (page 55- 55) englishpdf
M. Colombo, C. Baietto, D. Bechis, S. Viola
Oral papers
(page 56- 56)
Attitudes towards Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting: Association with Sexism, Homophobia and Internalized Sexual Stigma (page 56- 56) englishpdf
F. Aversa, F. Tripodi, F. M. Nimbi, R. Baiocco, C. Simonelli
Oral papers
(page 58- 58)
Sleep Related Painful Erections due to Benzodiazepines (page 58- 58) englishpdf
S. Ward, L. Moris, M. Albersen
Oral papers
(page 59- 59)
Physical Exercise is Negatively Correlated with Premature Ejaculation Symptom Severity (page 59- 59) englishpdf
D. Ventus, A. Gunst, P. Jern
Oral papers
(page 60- 60)
Absence of Pleasure during Orgasm: A Functional or an Emotional Problem? (page 60- 60) englishpdf
D. Trotta, T. Strepetova, L. Otranto, G. De Maio, F. Gorga, C. Langella
Oral papers
(page 61- 61)
A Sexodynamic Approach to Sexual Malfunctions (page 61- 61) englishpdf
D. Trotta, T. Strepetova, F. Gorga, L. Otranto, G. Florio
Oral papers
(page 62- 62)
Advances in Medical Hypnosis-Hypnotherapeutic Treatment of Female Sexual Disfunction (page 62- 62) englishpdf
M. Perat, A. Starc
Oral papers
(page 63- 63)
Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction: National Prevalence Study in Slovenia (page 63- 63) englishpdf
A. Starc, M. Perat, B. Poljšak, R. Dahmane
Oral papers
(page 64- 64)
Is “Unconsummated Marriage” Still an Appropriate Term? A Snapshot of Reality (page 64- 64) englishpdf
M. Silvaggi, P. M. Michetti, A. Fabrizi, R. Rossi, F. M. Tripodi, C. Simonelli
Oral papers
(page 65- 65)
Endometriosis and Infertility: Impact on Sexuality (page 65- 65) englishpdf
V. Rossi, E. Viozzi, F. M. Nimbi, F. Tripodi, M. G. Porpora
Oral papers
(page 66- 66)
Discontinuation of Dapoxetine Treatment in Patients with Premature Ejaculation: A 2-Year Prospective Observational Study (page 66- 66) englishpdf
H. Park, N. Park
Oral papers
(page 67- 67)
A Comparison of Baseline Erectile Function after Ondemand 20 Mg Tadalafil vs. Daily 5 mg Tadalafil in Men with Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes: A Prospective, Observational 2-Year Study (page 67- 67) englishpdf
H. Park, N. Park
Oral papers
(page 70- 70)
Alei II Technique: Minimally Invasive Technique for the Correction of Penile Curvature without Circumcision (page 70- 70) englishpdf
P. Letizia, G. Alei, A. Rossi
Oral papers
(page 71- 71)
BibliothEP: A Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy for Premature Ejaculation (PE) (page 71- 71) englishpdf
P. Kempeneers, R. Andrianne, S. Bauwens, S. Blairy, M. Cuddy, I. Georis, Q. Longree, J. F. Pairoux
Oral papers
(page 74- 74)
Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on the Occurrence of Premature Ejaculation (page 74- 74) englishpdf
S. Jeh, S. Choi, S. Kam, J. Hwa, K. Chung, D. Seo, J. Hyun, S. Woo Lee
Oral papers
(page 75- 75)
Advantages to a Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Sexology (page 75- 75) englishpdf
R. Hamilton
Oral papers
(page 76- 76)
Effectiveness of Psychobehavioral Interventions for Female Sexual Dysfunctions: A Meta-Analysis (page 76- 76) englishpdf
A. Gunst, D. Ventus, J. Antfolk, A. Kärnä, P. Jern
Oral papers
(page 77- 77)
PDE5i as a Cure for Older Adults: An Indicator of Ageist Practices among Physicians (page 77- 77) englishpdf
A. Gewirtz- Meydan, M. Mock, L. Ayalon
Oral papers
(page 78- 78)
Benefits from Fruit/Vegetable Consumption on Erectile Dysfunction among Diabetic Albanian Men (page 78- 78) englishpdf
K. Drasa, L. Bruka, E. Dani, V. Vasili
Oral papers
(page 79- 79)
New Drug for Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Entering Phase 2 Studies. Review Of Preclinical And Phase 1 Studies (page 79- 79) englishpdf
M. Lomonosov, D. Golikov, D. Nemenov, A. Andreev-Andrievsky, N. Fedorovoch Myasoedov
Oral papers
(page 80- 80)
Brief Screening Approach To Female Sexual Dysfunctions – (BRISA-F) (page 80- 80) englishpdf
S. C. Poerner Scalco, D. Riva Knauth
Oral papers
(page 81- 81)
Clinical Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction After Different Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Prostheses Implantations (page 81- 81) englishpdf
A. Cavadas, L. A. Morgado, N. Tomada
Oral papers
(page 84- 84)
Novel Non-Invasive Laser and Radio-Frequency (RF) Procedures for Vaginal Dystension and Vulvar Laxity Syndroma to Enhance Sexual Gratificaton (page 84- 84) englishpdf
Ivan Fistonic
Oral papers
(page 85- 85)
How Communication Could Improve Sexual Satisfaction: The Komaja’s Theater of Truth (page 85- 85) englishpdf
B. Sazdanovska, F. Milicevic Makaja
Oral papers
(page 86- 86)
Extradyadic Behavior: What Does Really Hurt? Italian Telephone and E-Mail Counselling Service (page 86- 86) englishpdf
L. Nocito, D. Botta, F. Tripodi, R. Rossi
Oral papers
(page 87- 87)
Is Sexual Subjectivity Necessary for Marital Satisfaction? (page 87- 87) englishpdf
M. Nekic, A. Boskovic, I. Tucak Junakovic
Oral papers
(page 88- 89)
Couples’ Sexual Adjustment Process to Cancer: A Metasynthesis and Qualitative Study (page 88- 89) englishpdf
C. Benoot, K. Hannes, J. Bilsen
Oral papers
(page 90- 90)
The Effects of Porn & Sex Addiction on Partners (page 90- 90) englishpdf
R. Argaman
Oral papers
(page 91- 91)
Sexual Communication Through 5 Senses and Sexual Sentence Stems (page 91- 91) englishpdf
N. Rusetskaya
Oral papers
(page 92- 92)
Psychosexual Outcome of Men with Non-Corrected Hypospadias (page 92- 92) englishpdf
N. Ruppen-Greeff, R. Gobet, D. M. Weber
Oral papers
(page 93- 93)
Sexuality of 26 - 36-Year-Old Lithuanian Healthy and Type-1 Diabetic Males (Comparison with Older than 40 Years Men Sexuality of 8 European Countries) (page 93- 93) englishpdf
V. Matulevicius, I. Banisauskaite, I. Matuleviciute, J. Jureviciute, T. Kurakovas, R. Ostrauskas, R. Verkauskiene, V. Urbanavicius
Oral papers
(page 96- 96)
Sexology in the Education of the Health Professionals (page 96- 96) englishpdf
P. Mivsek
Oral papers
(page 97- 97)
Could Testosterone Undecanoate in Hypogonadal Patients Improve Anemia, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Risk Factor? An Observational, 54-Week Cummulative Registrry Study (page 97- 97) englishpdf
J. Park, S. Lee, S. Yang, J. Kim, Y. Shin
Oral papers
(page 98- 98)
Demand for Sexual Counselling from Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (page 98- 98) englishpdf
E. Domínguez, P. L. Villaizán, F. Cabello, J. Del Río, E. M. Bartolomé, M. Larrazábal, J. Calaveras, N. Molina
Oral papers
(page 99- 99)
Obesity, Anxiety, Depression and Sexual Desire: A Study on a Sample of Obese Patients (page 99- 99) englishpdf
M. Colombo, P. Zeppegno, F. D’Andrea, E. Torre
Oral papers
(page 100- 100)
Sexual Behaviour among Adolescents in Ireland: Findings from the Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (HBSC) Study (page 100- 100) englishpdf
S. Nic Gabhainn, H. Young, L. Burke
Oral papers
(page 101- 101)
People Who Buy Sex - Experiences from Our Project (page 101- 101) englishpdf
A. Royneberg, T. Slettvoll Lien
Oral papers
(page 102- 102)
Reproductive Health and HIV Awareness among Newly Married Egyptian Couples Without Formal Education (page 102- 102) englishpdf
S. Saleh, W. F. Saleh, H. I. Abdelmoty, A. N. Raslan, U. M. Fouda, M. N. Mohesen, M. A. Youssef
Oral papers
(page 104- 104)
Do Erotic Art and Sexuality Have Something to Share? (page 104- 104) englishpdf
T. Strepetova, D. Trotta, G. Florio, L. Cleffi, A. Mangone
Oral papers
(page 105- 105)
Changes in Sexual Orientation after Treatment for Prostate Cancer (page 105- 105) englishpdf
L. Kurtz Almog
Oral papers
(page 106- 106)
Sex After Menopause: Why Not? (page 106- 106) englishpdf
R. Hamilton
Oral papers
(page 107- 107)
Reliability and Validity of a Set of Sexual Stimuli in a Sample of Young Colombian Heterosexual Women (page 107- 107) englishpdf
M. Gómez-Lugo, D. Saavedra-Roa, C.P. Pérez-Durán, J. Marchal-Bertrand, J. Tovar-Peña, P. Vallejo-Medina
Oral papers
(page 108- 108)
Age of First Pornography Consumption and Genital Satisfaction Among Irish Students (page 108- 108) englishpdf
K. Dawson, S. Nic Gabhainn
Oral papers
(page 109- 109)
Social Networks and Pornography Use as Precursors Of Body Appearance Self-Perception and Satisfaction (page 109- 109) englishpdf
V. Busko, A. Cipric, A. Stulhofer
Oral papers
(page 110- 110)
Exploring Adolescent Sexual Behaviour: A Pilot Study of Questions for Inclusion in the Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (HBSC) Study (page 110- 110) englishpdf
H. Young, L. Burke, S. Nic Gabhainn
Oral papers
(page 112- 112)
Issues of Concern in Sexology (page 112- 112) englishpdf
E. Almås
Oral papers
(page 113- 113)
Porn Addiction (page 113- 113) englishpdf
A. Attaky, B. Falone Percival
Oral papers
(page 114- 114)
The Cultural Meaning of Sexual Pain (page 114- 114) englishpdf
R. Pristed
Oral papers
(page 115- 115)
From Sextasy to Chemsex: a Leap in The Dark’s Sexual Pleasure (page 115- 115) englishpdf
R. Noseda
Oral papers
(page 116- 116)
Consulting with Stakeholders About Dissemination of Sexual Health Research Findings (page 116- 116) englishpdf
L. Burke, H. Young, M. D’Eath, S. Nic Gabhainn
Oral papers
(page 117- 117)
Why is Breastfeeding in Public Still a Taboo? (page 117- 117) englishpdf
P. Mivsek, A. Jug Dosler, P. Petrocnik, T. Skodic Zaksek, M. Klemencic, M. Gantar, A. Cerar, V. Pavlic, K. Obreza
Oral papers
(page 118- 118)
The Religious Teaching and Women’s Sexuality Construction (page 118- 118) englishpdf
Z. Ghorashi, E. Merghati Khoe
Oral papers
(page 119- 119)
Student Sex Work In The UK: Facts & Figures (page 119- 119) englishpdf
S. Geuens, T. Sagar, D. Jones
Oral papers
(page 120- 120)
Evolutionary and Social Cognitive Models of Jealousy: A Test in a Population-Representative Sample of Adults (page 120- 120) englishpdf
R. De Visser, J. Richters, C. E. Rissel, A. E. Grulich, J. M. Simpson
Oral papers
(page 121- 121)
Which People with Bisexual Experience Identify as Bisexual? Insights from a Population-Representative Sample in Australia (page 121- 121) englishpdf
R. De Visser, J. Richters, C. Rissel, A. Grulich, J. Simpson
Oral papers
(page 124- 124)
Reclaiming Our Missing Sexual Selves (page 124- 124) englishpdf
O. Wahrman Msw, L. Bastaic
Oral papers
(page 126- 126)
KH-204 Protects Oxdidative Stress-Induced Testicular Apoptosis by Erk and Akt Pathways (page 126- 126) englishpdf
W. Bae, J. B. Choi, K. S. Kim, S. J. Kim, H. J. Cho, U. S. Ha, S. H. Hong, J. Y. Lee, S. W. Kim
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(page 127- 127)
The Effect of Sexual Arousal on Women´S Disgust Reactions: Facial Attractiveness and Disease Cues (page 127- 127) englishpdf
F. Zsok, D. S. Fleischman
Poster display
(page 128- 128)
White Matter Dysconnectivity in Panic Disorder with Early Sexual Abuse History: A Preliminary Study (page 128- 128) englishpdf
S. Yu, S. Lee
Poster display
(page 129- 129)
Effect of Oxytocin on the Contractile Response in Rat Vagina (page 129- 129) englishpdf
K. Park, S. Kim, Z. Li, H. Lee, D. Yang
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(page 130- 130)
Disgust Sensitivity, Sexual Beliefs and Orientation to Social Domination in Female BDSM And Non-BDSM Practitioners (page 130- 130) englishpdf
K. Jaksic, M. Nekic
Poster display
(page 131- 131)
Extradyadic Involvement in Dating Relationships: Prevalence and Factor Structure of The Extradyadic Behavior Inventory (page 131- 131) englishpdf
A. Martins, R. Andrade, I. Narciso, M. C. Canavarro, F. M. Dattilio, M. Pereira
Poster display
(page 132- 132)
Development of Radiation-Induced Erectile Dysfunction Using Conventional Pelvic Radiation Therapy in a Rat Model (page 132- 132) englishpdf
W. Lee, D. Yang
Poster display
(page 133- 133)
The Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Effects of the Novel Herbal Formulation (WSY-1075) on Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Rat Model (page 133- 133) englishpdf
W. Bae, J. B. Choi, K. S. Kim, S. J. Kim, H. J. Cho, U. S. Ha, S. H. Hong, J. Y. Lee, S. W. Kim
Poster display
(page 136- 136)
Do Loving Relationships Have Any Influence on Sexual Desire and on Demand For Sexual Counselling After an Acute Coronary Event? (page 136- 136) englishpdf
E. M. Domínguez, P. L. Villaizán, F. Cabello, F. J. Del Río, E. M. Bartolomé, M. Larrazábal, J. Calaveras, N. Molina, M. D. Sánchez
Poster display
(page 137- 137)
Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationship: Testing Evolutionary Hypothesis in a Sample of Italian Men (page 137- 137) englishpdf
V. Verrastro, L. Fontanesi, V. Saladino, P. Diotaiuti, F. Petruccelli
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(page 138- 138)
Polish Adaptation of Sexual Arousability Inventory (SAI-PL) And Validation for Males (page 138- 138) englishpdf
E. Kowalewska, M. Gola
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(page 140- 140)
Age of Onset and Quality of Body Image During a Sex Reassignment Program (page 140- 140) englishpdf
C. Crespi, M. Molo, G. Motta, F. Lanfranco
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(page 141- 141)
Self-Esteem and Distortion of Body Image in Subjects with Gender Dysphoria: A Pilot Study (page 141- 141) englishpdf
M. Santilli, V. Verrastro, R. Valenzano, A. Palombi, J. Bruni, M. Carmellini
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(page 142- 142)
Clinical and Emotional Aspects of Transgender People (page 142- 142) englishpdf
L. Lara, A. Romão, M. Santos, A. Giami, M. Sá, R. Ferriani, M. Lerri
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(page 143- 143)
Online Forums Allow Pedophiles to Redeem Their Sins: A Qualitative Evaluation of Pedophilic Traits Among Internet Users (page 143- 143) englishpdf
D. Sendler, M. Lew-Starowicz
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(page 146- 146)
The Sexuality of Male Patients with Affective Disorders - Demographic and Clinical Features (page 146- 146) englishpdf
R. Kowalczyk, T. Krystyan, D. Dudek, M. Krzystanek, M. Lew-Starowicz, W. Merk, K. Waszynska, A. Daren
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(page 147- 147)
The Impact of Testicular Loss on The Psychopathology of Young Patients: Population-Based Analysis Of 4 Million Examinees of Manpower Administration Database (page 147- 147) englishpdf
S. Lee, J. Kim, K. Moon, J. Park
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(page 148- 148)
Clinical Characteristics of Female Panic Disorder with Early Sexual Abuse History (page 148- 148) englishpdf
K. Kyung Min, L. Sang Hyuk
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(page 150- 150)
Polish Adaptation of Sexual Addiction Screening Test Revised (SAST-PL) (page 150- 150) englishpdf
E. Kowalewska, M. Gola
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(page 152- 152)
Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells as a Novel Therapeutic Option to Treat Severe Erectile Dysfunction in Obese Type 2 Diabetic Rats (page 152- 152) englishpdf
P. Ganesan Adaikan, A. Al Mahmood Siddiquee, L. Chu Lau, B. Bin Said, M. Chong, J. Chan, S. Hin Teoh
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(page 153- 153)
A Mind-Body Model for Educating Men with Sexual Dysfunction Post Prostate Cancer (page 153- 153) englishpdf
A. Elias
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(page 154- 154)
Sexual Thoughts Mediate the Association between Sexual Dysfunction and Pain Intensity in Men with Genital Pain (page 154- 154) englishpdf
R. Pereira, C. Oliveira, P. Nobre
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(page 155- 155)
10 Year Interval Study for Prevalence and Risk Factors of Female Sexual Dysfunction in Korea: Korean Internet Sexuality Survey (Kiss) 2014 (page 155- 155) englishpdf
 , H. Son, J. Park, S. Cho, M. Cho
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(page 156- 156)
Penile Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: Personal Experience (page 156- 156) englishpdf
P. Letizia, G. Alei, A. Rossi, F. De Marco
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(page 157- 157)
Hospital Based Sexual Rehabilitation Programs for Persons with Disabilities (PWDS) (page 157- 157) englishpdf
B. Lee, Y. Lee, J. Yu
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(page 158- 158)
Sexual Dysfunction Prevalence and Sociodemographic Background in a Colombian Sample (page 158- 158) englishpdf
M. Gómez-Lugo, P. Vallejo-Medina, J. P. Saffón, D. Saavedra-Roa, C. P. Pérez-Durán, L. Marchal-Bertrand
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(page 159- 159)
Quality of Sexual Life among Patients with Genital Lichen Sclerosus (page 159- 159) englishpdf
M. Giuliani, A. Latini, M. Tedesco, M. G. Dona’, M. Ambrifi, C. Cota, A. Cristaudo
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(page 160- 160)
The Prevalence of Male Sexual Dysfunction in Kosovo (page 160- 160) englishpdf
H. Fejza, I. Tolaj, D. Tahirsylaj, A. Idrizi, L. Jemini
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(page 161- 162)
The Joint Work of Gynecologist and Psychologist in the Treatment of Sexual Pain Disorders and Vulvar Vestibulitis and the Use of Visnadina (page 161- 162) englishpdf
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Poster display
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