Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 52-52

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Sexologist Training Could Have an Influence on Attitudes Toward LG Marriage And Parenting?

E. Viozzi - Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
F. Tripodi - Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome, Italy
F. M. Nimbi - Department of Clinical and Dynamic Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
R. Baiocco - Department of Development and Socialization Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
C. Simonelli - Department of Clinical and Dynamic Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

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Objective: Negative attitudes towards same-sex families persist among health professionals. This study investigates the influence of educational programs in sexology (EPS) on sexism, homophobia and attitudes of sexologists towards lesbian and gay (LG) marriage and same-sex parenting. Design and Method: Data were collected on 552 subjects (376 F and 134 M); the EPS group was composed by professionals who had attended a training course in accredited schools by Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology (FISS). The protocol was computer-based and self-administered (15 minutes to complete). It was composed of: questionnaire for socio-demographic information; Ambivalent Sexism Inventory; Measure of Sexual internalized stigma for Lesbians and Gays; Modern Homophobia Scale; The Katuzny Same-Sex Marriage Scale; D’Amore and Green Same-Sex Parenting Scale. Results: The EPS group reported lower levels of sexism (F(1,401)=4.40, p<.05) and homophobia (F(1,401)=5.15, p <.05), a more positive attitudes toward LG marriage (F(1,545)=7.67, p <.01) and same-sex parenting (F(1,545)=17.34; p<.001). In particular, participants in this group declared more favorable attitudes to specific pathways to parenthood, such as: adoption for homosexual couples, artificial insemination for lesbians, and in vitro fertilization for lesbians. Conclusions: Professionals who got EPS show more positive attitudes toward same-sex marriage and parenting. Having a specific training on these issues appears to be functional to the development of attitudes based on equal rights and not based on heterosexism. These results have important implications in both clinic and social issues related to LGBT health.

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