Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 141-141

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Self-Esteem and Distortion of Body Image in Subjects with Gender Dysphoria: A Pilot Study

M. Santilli - Universita’ Tor Vergata di Roma, Roma, Italy
V. Verrastro - Universita’ di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale, Cassino, Italy
R. Valenzano - Istituto per lo Studio delle Psicoterapie, Roma, Italy
A. Palombi - Istituto per lo Studio delle Psicoterapie, Roma, Italy
J. Bruni - Istituto per lo Studio delle Psicoterapie, Roma, Italy
M. Carmellini - Fondazione Don Luigi di Liegro, Roma, Italy

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Objective: The aim of our study is to see if after surgical intervention there is an increase in self-esteem and decrease in body uneasiness in subjects with Gender Dysphoria. Also we have to compare the results between male-to-female transexual and female-to-male transexual, between young and old subjects and correlation between self-esteem, body uneasiness and personality and psychopathology. Design and Method: We recruited 30 subjects with GD (MtF-TR and FtM-TR) before and after surgical intervention and we have them administered three tests : BUT, Body Uneasiness Test (Cuzzolaro et al., 2000) for the measurement of distortion of body image; BASIC SE, Basic Self-Esteem Scale, (Forsman et al., 2003 ) for the measurement of self-esteem and MMPI-2 for the personality and psychopathology. Results: Our hypothesis was confirmed. The results before and after surgical intervention indicated that also the distortion of the body image were inversely proportional to levels of self-esteem and that there was a difference in levels of selfesteem between MtF-TR and FtM-TR and between young and old subjects. Conclusions: The results appear to suggest that the Self-Esteem Training could be successful in improving body image and in increasing body satisfaction in GD subjects. It might be interesting to see if, after the operation, the level of self-esteem and the perception of body image would change.

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