Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 61-61

Oral papers

A Sexodynamic Approach to Sexual Malfunctions

D. Trotta - Isa, Istituto Italiano Sessoanalisi, Salerno, Italy
T. Strepetova - Isa, Istituto Italiano Sessoanalisi, Salerno, Italy
F. Gorga - Isa, Istituto Italiano Sessoanalisi, Salerno, Italy
L. Otranto - Isa, Istituto Italiano Sessoanalisi, Salerno, Italy
G. Florio - Isa, Istituto Italiano Sessoanalisi, Salerno, Italy

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Objective: From a psychosexual point of view sexuality is the result of an integration of the biological and the erotical body. A complex integration that justify the complexity of human sexual life and his prowess to sexual malfunction. When sexuality is disturbed and no biological cause is found a specific psycho sexological and clinical methodology is required. Design and Method: Our approach is centered on a sexodynamic methodology and involves a careful investigation of the sexual objective behavior as well sexual fantasies and the imaginative world. We also compare the actual sexual behavior with the inner sexual erotic map. The sexual manifest reality is usually easily grasped from the individual and/or couple history. More cumbersome and tricky is the access to the inner emotional and reality. Through the investigation of sexual and dream fantasies as well as their potential development and a focus on gender identity, sexual attitude and relationship to the other and the other sex, the patient, in many cases, is able to better define the boundaries of his personal sexual likes and dislikes and to correlate them with his actual sexual behavior. In this way he can verify his willingness and possibility to go or not beyond his personal and sexual limits. Results: Our approach in very interesting and often allow us to cast a light where others approach seems to have more limitations. Conclusions: Our method allows to confront the problems difficult to investigate with other sexological approaches. In particular, allows the access to the intrapsychic mechanisms with profound impact on sexuality.

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