Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 75-75

Oral papers

Advantages to a Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Sexology

R. Hamilton - Barwon Consulting Suites, Geelong, Australia

Fulltext (english, pages 75-75).pdf

Objective: Many factors influence how a person perceives and accepts sex, the constraints and what facilitates it. Retrospective findings from case presentations highlight such barriers for individuals and couples that impact upon their sexual journey. Design and Method: Retrospective analysis of individuals and couples during a nine month period in 2015. 15 individuals and couples were referred with an assortment of sexual concerns. Key referrals were from General Practitioners (GP’s), Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist (O&G’s), Urologists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Various therapies were incorporated, whilst many continued with a clinical psychologist during this same period. Therapies included Eclectic (incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Exposure and Solution Focused. Results: Often, the initial referring presentation/underlying issue was not what became highlighted during consultation with the Sexologist. Barriers to sexual pleasure, sexual understanding and sexual participation, were embedded in poor understanding of basic anatomy and physiology of self and partner. Religion, moral concerns, contraceptive myths and mismanagement, communication styles and compromises were the key underlying issues blocking sexual participation in some manner. Further complexities frequently included a web of spiritual, cultural and/or emotional barriers. Conclusions: Multi-discipline referrals provide the opportunity to rule out many issues through base-line screening/investigations. Having a “team” as such, also promotes a different level of consultation from a Sexologist framework, as a more direct approach is workable with the client/couples and further support and maintenance can be provided especially from a Clinical Psychologist. This presenter has found many benefits working from this approach.

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