Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 101-101

Oral papers

People Who Buy Sex - Experiences from Our Project

A. Royneberg - Sex Og Samfunn, Oslo, Norway
T. Slettvoll Lien - Sex Og Samfunn, Oslo, Norway

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Objective: The project aims to prevent human trafficking and the spread of STIs among people who buy sex. The project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Directorate of Health and Care Services. Design and Method: Our data is based on patient conversations. The service is open for all genders and ages, and for partners of people who buy sex. The patients are offered standard STI testing and given an opportunity to talk to experienced health personnel. Results: Since the implementation in July 2014, we have had about 400 patients. Many of the patients have concerns related to buying sex and see the service as a possibility to talk about their thoughts and behavior. The reasons for buying sex are not one-dimensional, but rather complex and vary from loneliness to seeking pleasure. Diagnosing few incidents of STIs may indicate that people who buy sex in Norway are not at higher risk of contracting STIs, as we may believe. Conclusions: Meeting people who buy sex without prejudice offers a rare opportunity to talk about difficult subjects. We work systematically to obtain knowledge about people who buy sex and hope this knowledge will give us a better foundation in providing the best services possible, how to reduce the number of people being exploited and reduce the spread of STIs.

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