Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 62-62

Oral papers

Advances in Medical Hypnosis-Hypnotherapeutic Treatment of Female Sexual Disfunction

M. Perat - Institute for Human Resource Development, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A. Starc - Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fulltext (english, pages 62-62).pdf

Objective: Medical hypnotherapy has been recognized as a valid and successful treatment for a vast variety of physical and psychological disorders. It is well documented and researched, that it adds a significant value to all psychotherapeutic modalities and approaches. Clinical hypnotherapy has significant advantages in treating psychosomatic (somatoform disorders) and related issues, because its interventions bypass the critical factor of the mind. Hypnosis also gives us an advantage of reframing cognitive aspects of those resistant attitudes, which may serve as the secondary gain in the prevention of desired behavioural change. Hypnotic language can be regarded as language of primary thinking. Metaphors and visualization techniques play a major role in hypnotic communication. Design and Method: Qualitative case study. Results: Treatment outcome. Conclusions: The complex and multidimensional nature of female sexual disorder(s), allow us to learn how to tap at different hidden internal resources and at the same time cover the widest possible range of hypnotherapeutic interventions. In the given presentation, we will explain how to establish solid rapport with the patient and how to communicate troubled content. We will also explain the nature of sedation without medication, and how to control the pain, and other psychosomatic dysfunctions with the internal resources of the mind. Most learned intervention will also be applicable to a wide variety of psychological and medical conditions, ranging from anxiety reduction to chronic and acute pain management.

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