Clinical Psychology 9 (2016), 1, 96-96

Oral papers

Sexology in the Education of the Health Professionals

P. Mivsek - Department of Midwifery, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Objective: Health professionals deal with different professional situations. Among them are many which encroach on intimate sphere of the patient. The aim of the research was to evaluate the sexology course, integrated in the basic undergraduate education of midwives, who are, when practicing, dealing with different situations that are closely connected to the patients’ sexuality. Design and Method: The quantitative research method was adopted. The research tool was questionnaire. The link of the online survey was sent to all members of midwifery alumni club of the only midwifery faculty in Slovenia. The questionnaire was composed of mainly closed questions that used Likert scale in order to gather graduates opinions regarding the sexology course. The online survey was chosen since it provided confidentiality to the respondents. Results: 112 graduates participated in the survey, which gave the response rate of 65%. 97% of participants found sexology subject useful for practice of midwifery. They would like to work in smaller groups and to extend the topics over 3 ECTS. Also contents and methods were evaluated and changes were proposed. Conclusions: On the basis of the response of the participants, we can claim that midwives did find the sexology course applicable for their professional work. Qualitative method could be used in the future in order to gain in-depth information regarding the reflections; especially the topics that should be added in the sexology education. Other profiles could also find the course useful, therefore it should be considered to provide it also for nurses and other health students.

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