Clinical Psychology 13 (2020), 1-2, 63-78

Original scientific paper

Youth Problem Gambling Assessment – Comparison and Concordance of South Oaks Gambling Screen – Revised for Adolescents (SOGS-RA) and Gambling Problem Severity Subscale of the Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory (CAGI-GPSS)

Dora Dodig Hundrić - Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Youth problem gambling has been the subject of interest of many studies, but the area of its’ assessment has not yet been sufficiently explored. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to compare one of the most commonly used measures, The South Oaks Gambling Screen – Revised for Adolescents (SOGS-RA) with the Gambling Problem Severity Subscale of the Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory (CAGI/GPSS), the first scale designed specifically for adolescents. A convenient sample of N = 572 male high school students from Zagreb and Split participated in the study (Mage = 16.17; SD = 1.22) from first to final grade of all three types of educational programs in Croatia. In addition to the mentioned assessment instruments, the Questionnaire on basic personal and sociodemographic characteristics was used. The results obtained show that a significant proportion of young men meet the criteria for problem gambling on both the SOGS-RA instrument (13.8%) and the CAGI-GPSS subscale (16.4%). The concordance between both scales is moderate and the weighted kappa statistics (Kappa = .57) show that the proportion of agreement between the two instruments is 57%. The results were analyzed in relation to the relevant empirical indicators, their practical implications were discussed as well as the potential contribution of these results to the development of a reliable youth problem gambling measure.

youth problem gambling, assessment, SOGS-RA, CAGI-GPSS, classification, concordance

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